Liver Research Team

Liver Research Team

The Liver Research Team at NUHS consists of doctors and researchers who are working together to improve lives for all who have liver disease.

In Singapore, the main cause of liver disease is hepatitis B, followed by other common causes such as hepatitis C, fatty liver, and alcohol.

Our team’s immediate focus is to cure hepatitis B which is now an achievable goal and for which we have been awarded a translational research grant of S$25 million.

This will be achieved by doctors, scientists and researchers who are studying in detail how the body’s immune system responds to the virus, how the virus mutates, and whether it has any areas of “weakness” where we can kill the virus and develop new drugs.

Existing drugs can control the virus but cannot cure hepatitis B. Hepatitis B cure is now considered as loss of HBsAg the blood test that shows a person has hepatitis B.

Many other research organisations and companies and working towards a similar goal to cure hepatitis B and we are working with many of them as a collaborative effort.

The vision of a world free of hepatitis B is still a long way off since many people have not been tested and are not aware they have hepatitis B which tends to run in families.

Consequently, everyone should be tested at least once in their lives as hepatitis B is a silent killer!