HBV studies

To discover the key triggers leading to long term immune control that will translate into better prognosis of chronic hepatitis B patients, as well as reduce the number of cases lost to follow up.
To investigate if it is possible by adding pegylated interferon injections to current oral treatment, or switching from oral anti-hepatitis B medication to only pegylated interferon injections, will lead to a better treatment outcome.
To assess whether a new treatment strategy by combining currently available approved hepatitis B medications (Telbivudine and Tenofovir) is safe and effective in reducing the level of quantitative surface antigen of hepatitis B virus (qHBsAg).
To determine whether peg-IFN injection is effective in achieving Hepatitis B surface antigen loss, which is considered by most doctors as a cure of hepatitis B; also reduce having risk of liver disease progression such as development of liver cancer.
To know how the immune system responds to hepatitis B virus by removing the virus through plasmapheresis.